Break for Sense

Information designed

Paper airplane


Today, we all have enough information; in fact, too much. The problems of communicating are not solved by assembling every factoid, but by paring away the nonessential and carefully arranging what remains.

Break for Sense will find ways to present your ideas simply and useably. We design slide presentations, Web sites and printed documents, and specialize in work for small businesses and institutions. Examples are displayed to the left and below. Write us to discuss your projects.

Our name comes from the typography trade: long sentences falling near a page edge must be broken across lines; not by chance but carefully, “for sense,” according to their content. In general, good communication is often served by the simplest of acts: stopping.

Presentation Slides

Flower diagram

We can design presentation slides (in all major formats), either working from an outline or organizing raw material.


Academic degrees in the USA.

How related are the foods we eat?

We have experience with data. We’ll find ways of showing yours that are both appealing and accurate.


3-columns of text with images

Information on green roofing.

Text column with oversized numbers

Investment package ad.

Online, we prefer function over Flash. We follow most modern Web standards and hand-code our pages to ensure cross-platform compatability and easy maintenance, now and in the future.


This shows proposed changes to the interface of an online botanical atlas; intended to improve readability, especially for the colorblind.


Bird flying over an ancient cityscape

We will design the all manner of printed materials, from posters to novels. We take care with typographic details, ensuring readability as well as visibility.